Estate and Facilities Management division

Our Objectives

The Estate and Facilities Management division has a strategy from 2014 - 2018 (prolonged until 2020). The focus areas and targets form a basis for the strategies and action plans that the department has developed.

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Focus areas and main objectives

Physical working environment

  • The Department shall deliver a good physical working environment for the employees, students and other users.

Property management and service deliveries

  • The Department shall have clear and communicable quality targets for the services to be delivered.
  • The Department shall by means of property management facilitate a good resource deployment and efficient use of areas.


  • The Department shall handle its users in a good manner.

Organisation, management, HSE

  • The Department shall have a high level of competence, effective interaction between employees, efficient work processes and external cooperation in order to meet the common targets set by the University.
  • The Department shall prevent undesirable incidents and promote a high level of awareness of health, safety and the environment among employees and students.


  • The department shall contribute to the University being a good partner for the city.

Rules of conduct at the Estate and Facilities Management division

The Department has developed rules of conduct in order to preserve a good working environment and good service.


  • We are clear, take responsibility and keep to what we promise


  • We show respect for our differences and show consideration for each other


  • We have a common goal for solutions that are in UiB’s best interests and work together to achieve these


  • We share information an give or take constructive feedback