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NorRen Summer School 2016

Participants of the NorRen Summer School in front of Jostedalsbreen
NorRen - UiO Energy

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The 2016 edition of the NorRen summer school took place in Sogndal from 8th to 13th of August. Advertised as a journey throughout the Norwegian renewable energy landscape, the summer school covered the whole value chain from production to consumption of clean renewable energy.

NorRen (Norwegian Research School in Renewable Energy) focuses on bringing together PhD-students within renewable energy, and one of their main activities is to organize an annual summer school.

Two PhD-students from the University of Bergen attended this year’s edition, Ida Marie Solbrekke and Hans-Kristian Ringkjøb. Both PhD-students and postdocs attended the summer school, from 13 different nationalities covering the whole world.

NorRen consisted of a mix of lectures from top international scholars and industry experts, discussions, group works, site visits and social activities. We visited among other things Jostedalen hydropower plant, Mehuken wind farm and a new transformer station at Fardal. 

For more information about NorRen and a full description of the weeks’ activities, see http://norren.no/