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You are now reading the first monthly newsletter from the Energy Lab. Here we will present news from the Energy Lab activities, interviews of master students and alumni as well as other energy related news from the region.

The fall semester will be full of exciting activities in the Energy Lab. In addition to our weekly lunch-meetings, students from the Energy master will arrange a one day energy-conference during this fall. In addition, we will also try to have our first Webinar, where we intend to present ongoing and interesting research from our region.


Energy Lab 23. August

New Master Students

Interview with Stian Backe - 2nd year Energy Master Student

Trial Lecture - Valerie-Marie Kumer

NorRen Summer School 2016

What's happening within energy in Bergen?

Energy Primer

Energy Primer is an introductory course to energy with a lot of useful information, quizzes and links to digital learning resources. The course covers the whole energy field, and is organized in modules. It covers topics such as energy basics, fossil fuels, renewables, smart energy use and much more. The webpage is meant for current and future energy students as well as everyone interested in energy. It was created this summer by three summer interns; Ingvild Øijorden, Meng-Chieh Yang and Kevin Johnsen. You can find Energy Primer here, and we would very much appreciate your feedback.


This is the first edition of a planned monthly newsletter from the EnergyLab. In order to improve upcoming editions, we would like to hear your feedback (both positive and negative). Please send us an e-mail (energylab@uib.no)!