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Arne Klein (Department of Informatics): Optimizing cable routes in offshore wind

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Arne Klein is a PhD-student from the Department of Informatics. He visited the Energy Lab lunch meeting on the 17th of January to present some of the work he has been doing during his thesis.

Arne is working on how to optimise cable routes in offshore wind farms. In such a problem, Arne wants to find optimal cable paths in a wind farm in order to minimize the total cable length and thus the total cost of the cables. He uses a mathematical model to solve an Integer Linear Programming (ILP) problem, which is implemented in Python and solved by CPLEX.

In an experimental study of the Walney 1 wind farm, Arne was able to achieve cost savings as high as 14 % on total cable costs. This is a significant improvement based on a applying a “free” optimisation method.

You can read more in Arne’s presentation here, and if you are interested in more details Arne has published a paper on this topic.