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EERA DeepWind 2017

Kristin Guldbrandsen Frøysa during her keynote speech

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The 14th annual Deep Sea Offshore Wind R&D Conference organized by the research parties in NOWITECH was held in Trondheim from 18.-20. January 2017. The conference gathered researchers and professors from several countries to share their work on topics related to offshore wind.

The conference started off with an opening and welcome by the organizing committee represented by John Olav G. Tande. The Deputy Mayor of Trondheim Hilde Opoku also gave an opening talk acknowledging the importance of offshore wind research.

NORCOWE was well represented at the conference. The Centre Director Kristin G. Frøysa gave a summary of the centre’s achievements as part of the opening session. Several attendants represented Bergen, including Professor Finn G. Nielsen who is NORCOWE’s Scientific Manager. Other participants mainly represented universities and research organizations.

The conference spanned three days of parallel sessions covering several topics like new turbine and generator technology, met-ocean conditions, grid connection and power system integration and floating wind turbine research.

A total of 64 posters were displayed and presented in between the sessions, among which energy master student Stian Backe presented his thesis project on strategic optimization of offshore wind installations.

All presentations and posters can be found here