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Extended Lunch-meeting: Malgorzata Cyndecka & Gunnar Eskeland

Malgorzata Cyndecka & Gunnar Eskeland
Malgorzata Cyndecka & Gunnar Eskeland
Stian Backe

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On the 28th of March, the Bergen Energy Lab arranged an extended lunch seminar with presentations from Malgorzata Cyndecka and Gunnar Eskeland. 

Malgorzata Cyndecka is a Postdoctoral researcher at the Faculty of Law at UiB. Her presentation was about EU/EEA state aid law and the energy sector. She gave an overview of the legalities around state aid and how public support can be provided to commercial businesses to promote environmentally friendly technologies.

Gunnar Eskeland is a Professor of Resource and Environmental Economics at NHH. He gave a talk on urban transportation development with Bergen as an example. With the Von Thunen Model as a reference, Gunnar presented how different transportation vessels are optimal for different areas in and around a city. 

See Malgorzata's presentation here, and Gunnar's presentation here.