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Message to all students who are in the energy master program or have completed an energy master:

We have some funds for hiring 2-3 research assistants during summer for further developing and improving the energy master. The work includes making available existing digital learning resources for energy education connected to the UiB/HVL energy master and assisting with development of new such resources. The tasks would be suitable for students who just finish their master or students ready for their last year in the master programme. You should understand Norwegian well enough to be able to understand the following job description: 

a)      Assistere med læremidler og forberedelse av øvinger til ENERGI200 og ENERGI101  

b)      Bidra til å videreutvikle Bergen Energy Lab (Nettsider, arrangement, promotering etc.)

c)      Assistanse med programvare og hjelpemidler for energistudenter

Apply by simply sending a brief email to Peter.Haugan@uib.no stating why you are motivated to work with this, what your qualifications are, and when you would be available. You may attach CV or other information. Earliest starting date 15 June. Most of the work should be completed by 15 August.  We will start examining incoming applications from 18 May and make decisions. The positions will remain open untill filled.

Best regards, Peter Haugan