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Alumni Interview – Håkon Eidsvåg

Håkon Eidsvåg graduated from the master programme in energy in 2016 with a specialisation in solar cells. He wrote his master thesis about a solar absorber based on metal nanoparticles, and is now doing a PhD at the Western Norway University of Applied Sciences on simulating different nanomaterials for the use in solar panels.

Håkon Eidsvåg
Håkon Eidsvåg

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Tell us a bit about your background?

Before I finished a master in energy, I took a bachelor in physics at UiB.

Why did you choose to study the master in energy at UiB/HVL? Moreover, why did you choose your specialization?

To be honest I am not quite sure, I was contemplating different masters in physics (optics, acoustics etc.) before I landed on a master in energy. It was the specialisation in solar cells that in the end made me choose what I did. I just thought it sounded interesting and fun to work with so I went for it. The best part of the program for me would be the fact that I got to use UiB’s nanostructure laboratory and make nanoparticles out of gold and aluminum.

What was your master thesis about?

My thesis is called “A Solar Cell Based on Metal Nanoparticles” and explores the possibility to utilize localized surface plasmon resonance and metal nanoparticles to create a solar cell. It is available at UiB’s webpage for those who are interested.

Most importantly; which advice would you give to the current master students at UiB/HVL?

Enjoy the time and project, it is hard work but it should also be enjoyable.

How do you think your master studies can be used in your future career?

Most likely in various renewable energy research.

What is your current position? Could you tell us a bit about your current job?

The past year (after completing my master) I have been working as a teacher at Metis Bemanning in Bergen. However, I am starting a new job in August at Høyskolen på Vestlandet (HVL). I will be working as a PhD candidate there for the next four years. My project will focus on simulating different nanomaterials for the use in solar panels.

Has the master in energy at UiB been useful in your job? How so?

For the PhD position, it provides me with a practical background in the field where I will do my research.

Would you recommend others to work with energy? Why?

Yes, I would. The world is in dire need of clean and renewable energy as a replacement for fossil fuel. Hence there will be more jobs in the future, even if Norway is taking its time.

How do you picture the energy future? What is your vision or hope?

Hopefully more nations and companies will realize that they need to focus on renewable energy and that the green change politicians like to talk about will start to happen at a higher pace than today.