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Newsletter - Spring 2018

Read about all the highlights from the spring semester


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The spring semester has been full of highlights. In the Bergen Energy Lab newsletter below, you can read about them all. Links to individual summaries (also from previous semesters) can be found here.

By looking at the diversity of the topics we have touched upon this spring, we can see that renewable energy is truly interdisciplinary and there is a lot of knowledge spread across different institutions in and around Bergen.

The person in charge of coordinating the many activities within renewable energy at the University of Bergen and responsible for the University’s initiative within energy transition, is the new Energy director and our very own programme committee leader, Kristin Guldbrandsen Frøysa. Many congratulations to Kristin, and best of luck in her new position.

Thank you very much to all the speakers, and those of you who have attended our events this spring. We are looking forward to see you again after the summer!

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