Bergen Energy Lab (BEL)

New trends in electricity markets

Bergen Energy Lab together with BECCLE organized a half-day seminar on new trends in the electricity markets Monday 24th September at the Faculty of Law, UiB.


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Ignacio Herrera Anchustegui was the initiator of this seminar. He explains that the idea for the Bergen Energy Lab seminar was inspired by technological changes and the ability of us – the end-consumers of electricity – to produce our own power.

- Solar panels on our rooftops and electric vehicles with smart batteries are no longer science fiction, but our everyday reality in Norway. These developments are changing how we buy and how much we pay for electricity, explains Anchustegui.

 The seminar involved researchers, people from the industry and even a prosumer – “plusskunde”, and the topics involved everything from engineering to the economic and legal aspects of retail electricity markets that have been prompted by the inclusion of active consumers and a push for the generation of renewable electricity.

- The discussion was detailed, animated and highly practical. Did you know that demand response programmes allow you to reduce your electricity fees up to 20%? And that in Norway there are several programmes designed for this, such as Tibber? Asks Anchustegui.

He further explains that the speakers and the active participation of the audience (more than 70 people!) highlighted the benefits of these changes but also the challenges we all face in the effort for adapting traditional electricity markets to the future.

- This seminar and the interest generated by it will pave the way to more Bergen Energy Lab events regarding electricity markets and for future research and output from the UiB that has an impact in our society on a daily basis.