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Video: Half-day seminar - Smart Cities

The seminar that was held the 13th of February covered a broad range of aspects in relation to Smart Cities. The video of the seminar and the slide deck here can be found here.

Smart city
Anja Lindgaard Molnes

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On 13 February 2019, Bergen Energy Lab held an afternoon seminar on energy and smart cities, which attracted an audience representing a wide range of civil society, academic, public and private sector stakeholders. Given the importance and timely subject matter of this seminar, we are pleased to make available this video recording of the proceedings, featuring several expert speakers.

The premise of the seminar was that energy plays a vital role in ’smart’ projects. Hence, if urban smart shifts are sustainable, the energy sector will undergo a massive transition. The speakers reflected on the following pertinent questions:

  • What redefinition do such transitions imply?
  • Who decides and on what basis?
  • Are smart city energy systems more tech-savvy and people-friendly?
  • Do they improve information flows and infrastructure governance?
  • What makes the difference, what defines this smartness?
  • Which pieces of the puzzle are still missing?

In the video recording, the speakers draw on deep insights to discuss where we are going and what changes might get us to smart, sustainably energised cities. There is also active engagement with the audience during the seminar. Session topics and their durations are listed below, and a combined slide deck of the presentations used to accompany the talk can be downloaded from this page.

What is an energy-smart city to whom? – Siddharth Sareen, UiB

00:20:15- 01:42:45:
Panel discussion 1 – moderator Camilla Moster, BKK
How do businesses contribute to low-carbon energy transitions in cities?
Tor Krog, Nordic Director of Business and Development, Siemens
Fredrik Seliussen, Development Director, Lyseparken, Os Kommune
Speaker on electrification for a smart city, BKK

01:54:20- 02:18:30:
Interactive session – Why are you at this seminar?
Stakeholders, roles and expectations in energy-smart city-making

02:18:30- 03:18:30:
Panel discussion 2 – moderator Corina Guder, UiB
How do cities move from energy ambitions to really smart urban solutions?
Torkell Pettersen, Smart City Coordinator, Bergen Kommune
Håvard Haarstad, Director, Centre for Climate and Energy Transformation
TBC, smart city and energy expert, European Green Capital 2019 Oslo

Please contact Siddharth Sareen (Siddharth.Sareen@uib.no) for any queries.