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Wake Meandering Effects for Floating Wind Turbines

Wake Meandering Effects for Floating Wind Turbines
Tomasz Sienicki

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Adam Wise from the Department of Marine Technology (NTNU) will present the topic "Wake Meandering Effects for Floating Wind Turbines" on Tuesday May 21.

While most existing modeling and analysis of floating wind turbines (FWTs) considers isolated systems, interactions among multiple FWTs arranged in an array are anticipated to be an issue and have received little attention. In this study, we use FAST.Farm to simulate a two-turbine case of various types of FWTs. Different wind conditions are modeled to investigate wake meandering effects on global dynamics. Synthetic turbulent inflow is generated using TurbSim and the Mann Model with special attention paid to the effect coherent structures have on the wake meandering pattern.

The seminar is free and open to all interested parties, so bring your lunch and join us for an interesting presentation followed by a Q&A session.