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Save the NEW DATE: Half-day seminar - Sustainable Aviation, 7th October

The date is now set for our half-day seminar at HVL this spring! This is the third in a series of transport related half day seminars considers the topic of a more sustainable future for aviation

Header for sustainable aviation

In the context of ever increasing passenger numbers, and the sizable air freight market, the demand for air transport continues to grow. There are huge pressures to decarbonise this market, and the sector is committed to a 50% reduction in emissions by 2050, with further pressures to be more ambitious, and aim towards 'net-zero' in this time frame. Aircraft are highly weight critical, and current battery storage technologies incur huge weight penalties, which would render all but the smallest craft covering short routes unviable. However, hybrid-electric solutions may offer next-step solutions with the added benefit of providing novel design possibilities through the use of e-fan technologies.

  • What realistic climate goals can be realised by the aviation sector?
  • Can this hard-to-abate sector rise to the challenge?
  • Can technology mature quickly enough to meet the climate-change time-scales in a very safety conservative industry?

If these questions are of interest then please mark your calendar and put aside the afternoon on 7th October to listen to expert opinion, comments and discussion.

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