Energy Lab

The Bergen Energy Lab

The SUMO unmanned aircraft in front of a wind turbine
Jesper Jensen

The Energy Lab:


  • a forum for exchange of information on research results and activities related to renewable energy and energy transition
  • is open to interested faculty members from all research groups at GFI as well as other departments, faculties at UiB and institutions outside UiB, PhD, master and bachelor students, including master students at the UiB/HiB energy master
  • is intended as a meeting place to help participants keep well informed about research results, new project opportunities and events in a rapidly changing landscape of renewable energy and energy transition
  • aims to provide feedback and discussion of ongoing research and be a laboratory of ideas for new research
  • has an open door to interested parties who would like to join for a limited period or only selected events
  • is hosted by the GFI which provides logistical support, maintains a participant list and advertises meetings and events
  • is run by a small committee at the GFI consisting of a faculty member, a PhD student and a master student representative
  • hosts weekly informal lunch gatherings at a fixed time and place for exchange of information but normally without advertised agenda or programme
  • also hosts and maintains a calendar of advertised topical lectures, seminars and other events related to renewable energy and energy transition
  • intends to facilitate the communication between academia and industry on related topics