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Gruppebilde av EPISTAT-ansatte i 2022. Bildet ble tatt på Solstrand.
EPISTAT seminar 7-8. april 2022 Solstrand.
Geir Egil Eide

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Section for epidemiology and medical statistics studies causal mechanisms of various diseases and factors influencing prognosis. We are using data from national health registries, health surveys and biobanks by means of epidemiological design and advanced methodology. We are also developing scientific tools for utilization of our data sources. Three research groups; Research group for genetic epidemiology, Research group for lifestyle epidemiology and Research group for reproductive epidemiology belong to the section.

We are teaching epidemiology and statistics for graduate students in medicine and health sciences, and we are also offering postgraduate courses. Two teaching groups; Teaching group for epidemiology and Teaching group for medical statistics belong to the section.

The core facility for biostatistics and data analysis (BIOS), providing statistical support to research projects at the faculty, is also an integrated part of the section.