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DRONE - Drug Repurposing fOr Neurological disEases

The project aims to develop new and effective treatments for the neurological diseases Parkinson's disease (PD), multiple sclerosis (MS), amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) and Alzheimer's disease (AD).

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The researchers will analyze data from the Norwegian health registries, including the Prescription Register and Patient Register, using an innovative drug repurposing approach based on the history of prescriptions for the entire Norwegian population during last 16 years. The newly developed methodology will help identify drug candidates for new treatment for the diseases. These candidates will be then validated in experimental studies (both in vitro and in vivo) in collaboration with the excellent researchers at Harvard University in Boston, USA

Apart from securing its own funding via Michael J. Fox foundation and NRC (The Research Council of Norway), DRONE is also part of the initiative on the treatment of neurological disease, NeuroSysMed (Norway's first research center for clinical treatment in neurology) at Haukeland University Hospital / UiB.



  1. Dagbladet (Norwegian newspaper) has interviewed Julia Romanowska: "Study: Linking Parkinson's to drug use." 
  2. New article with Julia Romanowska first author i Neurology: Association Between Use of Any of the Drugs Prescribed in Norway and the Subsequent Risk of Parkinson Disease: A Drug-wide Association Study 
  3. NEW article from PhD Candidate Akash KapaliChildbirth delivery mode and the risk of multiple sclerosis: a prospective population-based study
  4. Master's student Muhammad Eid passed his master's exam on June 14! DRONE congratulates Muhammad!
  5. NEW article from PhD Candidate Julia Axiina TuominenBeta2-adrenoreceptor agonists and long-term risk of Parkinson's disease
  6. DRONE group had a one-day long seminar at Augustin Hotel 17th November 2022
  7. DRONE welcome Muhammad Eid, MSc Global Health student at The University of Bergen!
  8. Asieh Abolpour Mofrad will defend her dissertation on 15.11.2021 for the PhD degree at the University of Bergen with the dissertation "Clique-Based Neural Associative Memories".
  9. September 16th 2021 14:00-14:45: Trial lecture - PhD Asieh Abolpour Mofrad
  10. August 2021: Asieh Abolpour Mofrad has started in DRONE - welcome!
  11. April 2021: Hopefully a DRONE seminar will be arranged at Solstrand 26-27 May!
  12. March 2021: We are looking forward to Asieh Abolpour Mofrad starting with us in August as a postdoctoral fellow! 
  13. Sept. 2020: Welcome to two new PhD students, Julia Tuominen and Akash Kapali!
  14. Sept. 2020: We have received extra funding from ALS patients’ association (Alltid Litt Sterkere)! This will help us dedicate a full PhD-position to research on this disease.