Section for epidemiology and medical statistics
Cardiovascular disease research register (HKS9409)


The purpose of the research register is to study cardiovascular diseases and diabetes and related disorders.


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The FS database is a research register that contains an overview of all hospitalizations for which a cardiovascular/diabetes diagnosis or cardiovascular procedure has been registered in the period 1994-2009.

The Regional Committee for Medical and Health Research Ethics (REK), region west, has granted a dispensation from the duty of confidentiality to keep the FS data in a research register, for cardiovascular-related research purposes, based on section 29 of the Health Personnel Act. Until 13/12/2024

The research register is currently kept at UiB (institution responsible for processing) in a solution for secure processing of sensitive personal data in research; SAFE: https://www.uib.no/en/foremployees/131011/safe.
UiB has carried out a privacy impact assessment for the FS database (Cardiovascular disease research register (HKS9409), ref.: NSD 656291).
Research projects that wish to use FS data must be approved in advance by REK.

Data subjects may request that all links and information be deleted from the FS database.