Division of Research Administration

Funding opportunities

Many WUN partners encourage international development with funds of their own in combination with funding from the WUN network.


WUN offers various funding opportunities including:

The WUN Research Mobility Programme (RMP) provides support for PhD and faculty exchange between the member universities.

The WUN Research Development Fund (RDF) is a seed-money fund designed to catalyse and augment the investment by WUN member universities in international research initiatives. An award from WUN should be matched by cash funding of equal or greater value from the WUN partners in the project. 

Local WUN funding schemes
Most WUN member universities offer local seed funding to support the development of WUN research programs. These programs are open only to researchers at the home university and are made available at different times throughout the year.

The SPIRE programme is the local WUN funding scheme for the University of Bergen.

NOTE: Applicants must use original WUN application form when applying for WUN funding. Please contact local WUN admin co-ordinator  for original application form.

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