UiB Ferd Career Center for Early Stage Researchers

Build your professional network using LinkedIn

How to reach a broader network of peers and employers? Are you curious about what employers are now hiring and what competence they are looking for? What type of engagement are your peers involved in? Have you ever wondered how your competence will be valued by the industry?

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UiB Ferd Career Center for early-stage researchers invites you to a one hour long digital course in how to use LinkedIn for professional networking.  

The course will demonstrate how LinkedIn can help you build a professional profile and develop network for career advancement. We will demonstrate how to connect you with relevant partners and companies relevant to your research interests. 

The course will start with a short introduction to setting up an account (or you can watch this video beforehand:https://www.linkedin.com/help/linkedin/answer/a554351/how-do-i-create-a-good-linkedin-profile-?lang=en).  

If you have questions or some topic you want to be addressed during the course, please inform us in advance by writing this in the registration form. 

The course is given by an experienced career guidance professional, Mr. Idar Nestaas.