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The Southern African-Nordic Centre (SANORD)

SANORD is a network of 29 Southern African and 22 Nordic universities committed to advance strategic and academic collaboration by seeking to address new local and global challenges of innovtation and development.


The Southern African-Nordic Centre (SANORD) was established in 2006. Three Southern African and four Nordic universities, including UiB, were the founders of SANORD. University of Western Cape in Cape Town is hosting the SANORD office and secretariat. The mission of SANORD is to promote opportunities for student and staff exchange and facilitate research and educational collaboration between the members, and to develop relationships with other academic networks, donors and business community. The annual SANORD Conference and General Assembly is hosted by a member institution in the Southern African or the Nordic region and takes place in association with project workshops and a major SANORD conference. 

SANORD stimulates multilateral research and innovation by teaming up researchers across intitutional, disciplinary and national boundaries. This is done in various ways, for instance with seed money support for establishing Theme Group Projects and by call for abstracts, workshops and Panels/Special Interest Groups in conjunction with the annual SANORD conference.

SANORD give students the opportunity to attend summer/winter schools, take up internships, go on exchange programmes and more. The Brian O´Connell Scholarship Programme provides stipends for master students from Southern Africa to spend 1 semester at one of the Nordic member institutions. 


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More details on the SANORD website.