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The Fluid Inclusion Lab is located in the Earth Science Department at the University of Bergen (room 2156). The lab is dedicated to microthermometric analyses of monophase liquid fluid inclusions in speleothems and other low-temperature minerals. The lab is equipped with a CPA-2101 amplified femtosecond laser system (Clark-MXR, Inc) which provides single ultrashort laser pulses for stimulating vapor bubble nucleation in metastable, monophase liquid inclusions. The laser is coupled to three microthermometry workstations, each consisting of an Olympus microscope, a Linkam heating/cooling stage and a digital camera. The microscopes are equipped with 100x long working distance objectives (Olympus LMPLFLN 100/0.8).

For more information, please watch our tutorial video Lab setup.

In addition, a camera stand equipped with a Nikon Z50 and 60 mm macro-objective is available to take high-quality overview images of entire thick-sections in transmitted plane polarized light using a LED flat light panel for illumination. A rotatable analyzer mounted on the camera objective allows to image the stalagmite sections under crossed polarizers to study the crystal fabric.