Department of Philosophy

Ian Ground: Understanding Others

Ian Ground from the Department of Philosophy at the University of Hertfordshire will visit the Department of Philosophy and the Wittgenstein Archives in week 39, and will give two guest lectures while here.

Plakat for begge gjesteforelesninger av Ian Ground

The title of the first lecture is "Understanding Animals" and will be held Tuesday 27 September, 14:15-16.00 in the meeting room on the ground floor, Sydnesplassen 12/13.

The title of the second is "Understanding Others" and will be held the day after, 28 September, 10:15-12.00 in room 129, Sydnesplassen 12/13.

The latter lecture is also a part of the FIL217/317: Wittgenstein studies course. However, both guest lectures are open for all.



My aim in this pair of lectures is explore issues concerning our understanding of ourselves and animals in relation to the philosophy of Wittgenstein. I will be surveying some standard accounts of our understanding of others in the philosophy of social cognition and offering some points of comparison and contrast with the case of the non-linguistic non-human. I will try and show, in particular, how Wittgensteinian accounts of expression and psychological criteria can illuminate central problems in the animal sciences.

Once we have freed ourselves from confounding and false pictures of understanding, meaning and normativity, it seems likely that the gaining and systemisation of ethological insights into the varieties of enmindedness in the natural world will be one of the great philosophical and scientific adventures of our still fresh century.

It’s time, in philosophy, for the "animal turn".