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Faglunsj med Erlend Haugland.

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Filosofisk Faglunsj" (Philosophical Lunsj) is an initiative aimed at philosophy students with the goal of 1) promoting the social environment amongst students and 2) acquiring relevant skills for future work, in the form of presenting- and discussing, philosophical topics. We also welcome and encourage institute staff to attend these.

The activity consists of a presentation held by a philosophy student, followed up by questions from the audience, and finally, some time to socialize together.

There are three 'roles' in play at 'Filosofisk Faglunsj':

1) The 'Speaker'

The "main player" at Filosofisk Faglunsj is the person holding the presentation. Speakers are encouraged to present topics they are currently working on, or earlier work which they would like feedback on. Master students presenting their masters thesis are prioritized, followed by bachelor students working on their bachelor thesis, and then others.

The speaker has 30-50 minutes to give their presentation, after which the floor will open up for questions and comments. It is encouraged that the speaker either makes use of a Power Point presentation or handouts.

Additionally, the speaker has to write a short description of their project (a couple of paragraphs at most) which will be used as the *abstract* when sending out the information mail to other students.

Below are some bullet points on how to make a good presentation:

- Make sure the presentation stays within the time limit
- Make the main point(s) as clear as possible
- Make sure the presentation gives the audience something to discuss
- If using a PowerPoint, make sure it's visually accessible to the audience (bullet points, clear text, not too busy)
- Make sure to speak loudly, clearly and at an adequate pace

2) The 'moderator'

The moderator is the person in charge of 1) presenting the speaker, 2) moderating the question round, and 3) making sure the event follows the designated time schedule. 

It is also natural that the moderator is in charge of the other aspects of the event, that is, booking the room and food, mailing the student body about the event, and putting out/cleaning up the food, although this need not be the case. It is also encouraged that if the moderator is to take charge of the event, that they make us of fellow students to help them.

3) The audience

The audience has a "simple" yet crucial job, they are to pay attention to the presentation, contribute with questions, and be respectful towards the speaker. Here are some general bullet points on 1) how to ask good questions, and 2) how to be respectful towards the speaker:

- Pay attention during the presentation
- Write down questions before asking them
- Ask one question at a time, if you have multiple questions, you can raise your hand again and ask them later
- Clarifying questions are always good questions
- Let the speaker finish answering the question uninterrupted

If you have any questions regarding the "Filosofisk Faglunsj" or wish to present something yourself, feel free to send a mail to fagutvalg@fof.uib.no