Department of Philosophy

Philosophical Week (day 1)

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Monday, April 15th (Moderator Vivian S. Steinsund):

11:15-12:00 - Philosophy and Work Reports. with Sinde Søderstrøm and Johan Ulla 

This activity will consist of two parts. First, Sindre Søderstrøm will hold a presentation on his report "Filosofer i Arbeidslivet"; second, Johan Ulla will present findings from current work reports regarding the value of philosophy education and offer insights on how students can maximize the value of their education based on these reports.

 12:00-13:00 - Lunch break with pizza 

13:00-13:45 - Work outside academia. with Amanda Schei and Emil Perron 

Panel discussion with alumni. The visiting alumni will discuss work opportunities outside academia. The panel will have three parts. First, the alumni will introduce themselves and discuss how their current jobs relate to their philosophy education, sharing any other relevant insights. Second, there will be a conversation among the alumni, moderated by a student, focusing on the value of philosophy education in non-academic work settings. Third, the panel will open for questions from attending students. 

13:45-14:00 - Break 

14:00-14:45 - Philosophy and Life Relevance. with Kevin Cahill, Emil Perron, Johan Ulla

This panel discussion will feature one student, one alumni, and one faculty member. The panel will explore the relevance of philosophy education to daily life. Similar to the previous panel, it will be divided into three parts: first, each participant will share their initial thoughts on the topic; second, there will be a discussion among panelists; third, students will have the opportunity to ask questions.