Department of Philosophy
Guest lecture

Professor Hans Sluga, "'What has history to do with me?' Wittgenstein and history"

Hans Sluga, professor of philosophy at the University of California, Berkeley is visiting the Department of Philosophy in week 19 and will give three guest lectures (Monday 6, Tuesday 7 and Wednesday 8 May). Open for all!

Monday 6 May:

"'Man is by nature a political being.' Political naturalism from Aristotle to Frans de Waal"

There will be a reception after the lecture on Monday.


Tuesday 7 May:

 "'What has history to do with me?' Wittgenstein and history"


Wednesday 8 May:

"'The time is coming when one will have to relearn about politics.' Nietzsche's critique of politics"


All lectures are held in room 208/209, Sydnesplassen 12/13, 2.15 pm - 4 pm.



"Hans Sluga is William and Trudy Ausfahl Professor of Philosophy, University of

California at Berkeley. He studied philosophy at the Universities of  

Bonn, Munich, and Oxford. He has published over 50 articles on figures  

ranging from Tarski, Frege, Wittgenstein, and Hintikka to Foucault,  

Nietzsche, and Arendt.

His books include "Gottlob Frege" Routledge (1980), "Heidegger's  

Crisis: Philosophy and Politics in Nazi Germany" Harvard (1993), "The  

Philosophy of Frege", (ed.), 4 vols., Garland Press, "The Cambridge  

Companion to Wittgenstein", (ed. with David Stern), Cambridge  

University Press (1996), "Wittgenstein", Wiley Blackwell (2011), and  

"The Care of the Common" (in preparation)."