Department of Philosophy

Department seminar: Alexander W. Cappelen, "Fairness in the lab"

Alexander Cappelen is Professor at the Norwegian School of Economics. He will present his paper "Fairness in the lab" to the department seminar (see description below). After the talk there will be a social gathering with light refreshments served. Open to all!

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Fairness in the lab. How can we use economic experiments to help us understand people's fairness preferences and how these preferences affect our choices? Alexander Cappelen is co-director of the Choice Lab at NHH, where researchers use economic experiments to study individual decision making, in particular how people are motivated by fairness considerations. This research includes laboratory experiments with students, representative populations, criminals, and children, conducted in different parts of the world. The research group has also been involved in large scale internet experiments, field experiments, and surveys. They study implications of their experimental findings for important policy issues, including inequality measurement, tax policy, and health care, and for management issues relevant to corporations and non-governmental organizations. Lastly, the group studies, using axiomatic analysis, the normative justifications for different theories of justice, and how these theories relate to welfare, inequality and poverty measurement issues.