Department of Philosophy

Mauro Dorato: 'Now' from Physics to Psychology

Professor Mauro Dorato from the Department of Philosophy at Rome 3 University will give a guest lecture. Open for all.

Mauro Dorato
Roma 3

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The three main aims of my paper are:

1. To defend a minimalistic theory of objective becoming that takes what science tells us about time at face value;

2. To bring to bear relevant neuro-psychological data in support of 1;

3. To combine 1 and 2 to try to explain with as little metaphysics as
possible three key features of our experience of passage, namely

(i) Our untutored belief in a cosmic extension of the 'now'
(ii) The becoming more past of the past
(iii) The fact that our actions clearly seem to bringing new events into
being (Broad 1923, Tooley 1997, Ellis 2014)