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Vote in the election of new members to the University Board

The election of members to the University Board takes place from 8th of May - 12th of May

You may vote here: https://valg.usit.no/uib/valg/login.do

To vote:

  • Click on the link https://valg.usit.no/uib/valg/login.do
  • Log in with you UiB user name and password.
  • This is a single transferable vote (STV) election. This means that you are to rank the candidates according to your choice, with your preferred candidate as number one, the preferred candidate of the remaining as number two and so on.
  • You can rank as many candidates as you wish. The minimum numbers of candidates you have to attribute a rank to is one. This candidate will automatically be your candidate number one.Vote in the election you are eligible to vote in.
  • You can vote again until the election is formally closed. If you vote more than once, the previous votes are automatically discarded.