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New centre for international cooperation

In August 2017 the International Centre will open in the Student Centre. The Centre will be a driving force and facilitator for international cooperation at the University of Bergen.

Staff from international center
Monday, March 27, the employees who will work at the International Center gathered for a workshop at the Grand Hotel Terminus. From left: Nina Gry Stein, John Abel, Signe Knappskog, Ana Veronica Cordova, Elin Berge Flo, Nina Stenseth Akbaş, Jorunn Kalsnes Sørdal, Ellen Meyer Hoff, Helge Bjørlo, Bjørn Erik Andersen, Catrine Andersen Waage, Tonje Skaar, Hans Egil Offerdal Kristin Torp Skogedal, Downstairs Lina Vasileva Naydenov, Charlotte Eikemo, Ida Fauskanger. Jill Opsahl from the HR department and Randi Higraff from the Estate and Facilities Management Division was not present.

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In the summer of 2015 the University Director initiated an effort to establish a centre across the central administrative divisions. The aim is to strengthen the administrative effort in the university's international activity.

Advisory competence
Employees with expertise in the fields of international relations and collaboration in research and education from the HR Division, the Division of Research Administratio, Estate and Facilities Management Division and the Division of Student Affairs will gather in the International Centre. By bringing different functional areas together, the centre will provide a more comprehensive focus on internationalization. The goal is to build a solid competency centre which will provide the university's faculties and departments with support  and assistance on building strategic partnerships, cooperation in international networks, staff and student mobility. The centre will be the university's Euraxess-point of contact and will receive new employees from abroad and assist researchers who are going abroad on a research stay. The centre will also receive newly arrived international students in the beginning of each semester.

First  gathering
Monday, March 27, employees from the  three divisions gathered for the first time at a seminar at the Grand Hotel Terminus. At the seminar they discussed how the centre should be organised in order for the divisions to collaborate in the best possible way. The seminar was opened by Vice Rector for International Cooperation, Anne Christine Johannessen, Heidi Annette Espedal, director of the Division of Research Affairs, Sonja Dyrkorn, director of the Division of Human Resources and Christen Soleim, director of the Division of Student Affairs.

“The Centre will be a resource centre that gathers individuals with expertise in the field of internationalisation from several administrative departments. I hope this will provide an added value not only for students and staff, but also for those who will be working at the centre”,  says Anne Christine Johannessen.

In the course of the spring and summer months the employees  will gather again at several seminars, so that the transition to the new centre should be as smooth as possible.

Will strengthen the internationalisation at UiB
The University of Bergen aims to be an internationally prominent research university. The establishment of the  new centre will be a step towards  achieving the strategic objectives in the action plan for internationalisation.

“It will be great to get an international centre at UiB. This will be a visualisation of our intent to be an international university”, says Johannessen.