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Development meeting – new functionality on www.uib.no

Requests for functionality developments on www.uib.no shall be considered and prioritised by The Development meeting.

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Feature freeze

All work on adding new features in www.uib.no (w3/Drupal 7) is suspended, pending the update to a new platform. Only bugfixes and strictly necessary smaller changes are exempt from this rule. The feature freeze is a joint decision by The Development meeting and UiBs website networks, given the End of life date for Drupal 7 in November 2023. A project has been established to manage the upgrade from w3 to w4/Drupal 9.

The Development meeting is defined in the operating model for www.uib.no as the entity where requests for new developments of www.uib.no are to be considered and prioritised in a development plan. The Development meeting consists of representatives of the Faculty and thematic networks and of individuals from the Communication division and IT division.

The composition of the development meeting

When the website project chose the web architecture and CMS, an important principle for the decision was that the solution should be future-oriented and structured around tried and tested modules and solutions, with as much standard functionality as possible and the minimum amount of custom development.  

This principle shall also apply in the operations phase, and will guide the prioritisations of the development requests that are made.