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Purchases and procurements

In need of a new good or service?

When in need for something new, one must consider all options and not only that of a procurement.

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Can a procurement cover the need?

To assess whether the need for a good or service can be satisfied through a purchase/procurement, ask the following questions:

  • What specific challenges are you facing? Some examples are:
    • The contract period of a good or service is about to expire
    • Reorganisation and/or new tasks
    • Malfunction of existing solution/product
    • New and better solutions/products have been developed 
  • Can the challenge be met without a new purchase?
    • Covered by existing framework agreement
    • Internal resources or competence
    • Reuse
  • What general guidelines or conditions are in force/relevant for the purchase?
    • For example strategic guidelines, costs, time, quality, environment
  • What do you wish to achieve? What purpose will the purchase contribute to?
  • Can existing solutions in the market satify your requirements? Or is it necessary to develop new solutions not available in the market today?
  • Should the need in its entirety be covered via a purchase, or can parts be covered by internal ressources?
  • What do you estimate the value of the good/service to be?
  •  Do you have funding for the purchase?

If you require a new good/service, assess whether to go ahead with a procurement, and obtain permission from leader with budget authority (BDM).

Law and regulations for public procurement

Procurements at UiB must comply with the rules laid down in law and regulation for public procurement. Please see anskaffelseskartet for information on how to proceed.