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Sikresiden - new website with safety and security information

Sikresiden is a mobile-adapted website that provides information about safety and security and helps with what to do in an emergency.

Thomas Ekstrøm / sikresiden

UiB's management consider sikresiden an important measure to increase the safety competence of employees and students. There is also a need to work systematically to establish a comprehensive security culture in the organization.

Sikresiden is adapted to our sector and will be used by 300 000 students and employees.

On Sikresiden you’ll find:

  • Help to handle an emergency
  • Training in key security themes
  • UiB's local emergency number

UiB starts using sikresiden from 2nd of October.

Sikresiden has been developed through cooperation between Norwegian universities and colleges and the UH sector secretariat for information security at UNINETT.