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The University of Bergen introduces a new time scheduling system!

The University of Bergen is now launching a new time scheduling system for its technical and administrative employees. Min Tid (My Time) is a time scheduling module on our HR Portal. It is a digital solution that should be easy, accessible and straightforward to use by all technical-administrative employees.


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“In my experience I would say that Min Tid makes it easy and straightforward to record one’s hours”, says Grete Birkenes from the HR Department.

In order to improve time scheduling, the University Management have decided that all technical and administrative employees should use the Min Tid (My Time) - scheduling system. This will apply to both employees with fixed- and flexible working hours and to hourly paid employees. Min Tid will replace the flexitime form and timesheets for hourly paid employees.

During the spring of 2017 the IT Department, HR Department and Finance Department served as pilots for Min Tid. The solution will be extended during the autumn to several other departments and faculties. By the end of March 2018 it is expected that the whole university will be using Min Tid.

Min Tid in practice

“The benefits of using Min Tid are that it is integrated with Bluegarden Salary, this means that information, such as leave, is automatically recorded in the Min Tid - scheduling system,” says Grete. 

“It is also much easier to keep track of and distinguish between flexi hours, overtime and travelling time,” she continues.

New system

“In my experience the transition from using the flexitime form to using Min Tid has been good. We have received good training and information about how Min Tid works. I also think that Min Tid is easy to use and relatively intuitive,” says Grete.

“One more improvement with Min Tid, is that flexi hours are recorded in hours, rather than in minutes, as is currently the case when using the flexitime form,” she continues.

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