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Help UiB build a culture of safety

This week, all students and employees will receive an email with a few questions about safety measures at UiB. The answers will help the University with its work on safety and emergency preparedness.

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The University of Bergen should be a safe and secure place of study and work. The University is systematically working to strengthen and develop our safety culture. A culture of safety means that everyone studying and working at UiB should have a conscious attitude towards safety. You should know what you can and should do to improve safety, and what you should do in an emergency situation.

Annual surveys

We want to check how familiar students and employees are with a couple of our most important safety and emergency preparedness measures. UiB is therefore currently sending out a short survey via email. The responses will be used to develop measures that will build a culture of safety at the University.

We hope you will take the time to complete the survey. Respondents will also be entered into a draw for nice prizes.

We aim to conduct a similar survey each year so that we can measure whether or not we are successfully improving knowledge of our safety measures year by year.