Employee Pages

Presentation of Erik A. Hanson

I am:

  • a person who poses the critical questions.
  • up to date on matters relating both faculties and the university
  • used to think of the university as a whole.
  • open for input from colleagues on the entire UiB.

We must

  • ensure that UiB maintain its broad profile.
  • carefully monitor rector and the management.
  • facilitate good career paths for PhD candidates and postdocs.
  • remind lecturers and supervisors that their position of power can be the basis for harassment and unwanted attention.
  • carefully monitor the processes initiated at UiB and the government on management models.
  • make the university democracy real and vibrant.

Rector and the university director have been acting for quite some time and are in some cases getting too comfortable. Some decisions and processes are run too fast and with too little anchoring among students and employees. One of the most important tasks for the university board is to monitor and control the management and to ensure clear and transparent processes. Those who are easiest to run over are the temporary employees in Group B. I will make sure that does not happen.

Recently, we have seen the need to strengthen the skills on harassment prevention and handling. We have a system with many asymmetric relations. At the same time, I believe that many lecturers and supervisors are not completely aware of their position of power and the responsibilities that follows. It is not enough educate the head of department in how to handle unwanted situations. We must set standards for all our supervisors and lecturers, and together prevent the occurrence of harassment.

I believe we, as temporary academic staff, are among the most important tools UiB has in achieving its goals. Regardless of how research is funded or organized, we need to build networks. These networks are best built if our former students and candidates have key roles in social and business life, as well as international academic environments. We must make sure that our candidates reach these top jobs.