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Presentation of Anesa Mulabecirovic

I am running for election as a representative for temporary academic staff because I want the voices of our group to be heard, our opinions to be expressed and our concerns to be addressed as a part of UoBs agenda.

As both a PhD-Candidate and a temporary employee for the past five years at UoB and HUH, I have experienced the issues that affect us all and require attention, action, and imminent solutions. I am devoted to assure that the terms of employment are improved and respected for temporary staff. This includes improving the framework for supervision, specifying that compulsory labour is relevant and career promoting, as well as assuring a tidy and fair hiring processes.

Being a representative for group B implies that one represents an inhomogeneous group. However, we are a group that has a common ground; we are all temporary employed and make out approximately 25% of the UoB staff. If I am elected, I will be a clear voice and loyal representative to ensure that we have a democratic UoB that does not discriminate and assures a virtuous work place for us that are temporarily staffed and promotes further career possibilities.

If you choose to vote for me, you will be voting for a strong voice with an honest heart and a genuine commitment to represent all temporary academic staff at UoB.