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Security Awareness

October is Security Awareness Month

UiB therefore plans to have an extra special focus on information security in this month.    

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UiB aims to be a safe and secure place to study and work, whether you are based at home or on campus. We therefore want all students and employees to be fully aware of security.  


An e-learning course with lessons in data protection and information security is available for students and employees in Mitt UiB. The purpose of the course is to raise employees and students safety competence. If you have not yet had the time to take the course, you are encouraged to do so during October. 

For employees the course, once completed, will be listed on their CV the HR-portal.

På høyden

We also recommend following the internal news channel På høyden (NO) this month, which will highlight relevant subjects, such as

  • challenges relating to working from home
  • where to find help and
  • data protection
  • not least, how to report a breach of IT security.