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Security Awareness

October is Security Awareness Month at the University of Bergen

In the month of October, we will be highlighting security for employees and students at work, when studying, at home and when travelling.  

to personer som løper i en korridor

October is National Security Awareness Month.
The University of Bergen will have an extra special focus on security in October.    

This is not to say that we should only think about security one month of the year – but that every individual should take this opportunity to increase their knowledge of security and incorporate sound security routines into their daily lives.  These routines can then be practiced every day of the year. 

Access card 

The University of Bergen has more than 20,000 students and employees on campus. We administer premises measuring around 370,000 square metres in floor space. With so many people and buildings, we are extra reliant on good routines for the use of access cards. 

We are jointly responsible for maintaining a pleasant and safe environment for both study and work. Below are some simple precautions when it comes to making use of your access card:  

  • Always keep your access card visible during working hours 
  • Your card and code are personal. 
  • Do not allow access to people you do not know. If you are not sure – ask them if you can help. 
  • Make sure that doors with a lock close properly behind you.  

If you lose your card or find another person’s card, please report to the person at your unit who is responsible for access cards.  

Information security 

Use of online services is on the increase. This is true for everyone, both as an employee and as a private person. We aim to help our employees enhance their expertise so they can be safer when using the Internet. Security and confidence in systems are important parts of daily life, and we all have to work to help protect the University of Bergen’s assets.   

In October, all employees will receive an eLearning course on information security. The course comprises a series of eight lessons, each lesson taking two to three minutes to complete. We will be distributing the course by email from 2 October.  The sender for the eLearning course will be XtraMile AS from the following email address: no-reply@xtramile.no

If you experience technical problems when trying to complete the course, please contact issue tracker (BRITA). This course is only available in Norwegian.   

Security when travelling 

Employees and students at the University of Bergen spend a lot of time travelling. It is important to plan every trip properly so that you can travel as securely as possible. You can find tips and advice on our security page

If you are travelling to a high-risk country, the University of Bergen recommends that you leave your normal IT equipment behind. The IT Department can now provide telephones and laptops for employees travelling to high-risk countries. This service is part of the effort to improve ICT security at the University of Bergen, after the Norwegian Police Security Service (PST), earlier this year, highlighted research and development as particularly vulnerable targets for hostile intelligence activities.  

Life-threatening violent situations  

Life-threatening violent situations may be a terrorist attack or an attempted attack involving the use of weapons, vehicles or simple, explosive devices.  

Fortunately, the likelihood of students and employees experiencing such situations at the University of Bergen is low, so there is no reason to be afraid. In a life-threatening violent situation, the most important task is to save lives and limit harm to people. If such a situation occurs, call 112 (Police) as soon as you can, and consider your options for action: RUN - HIDE - FIGHT  (sikresiden.no) 

The University of Bergen also has its own eLearning courses in acute and life-threatening violent situation.