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Election 2019

Election of members to the University Board spring 2019

Here are the result of the election:

Eirik Hovden

Substitute members:
1. Frida Kathrine Sofie Mathisen
2. Jenny Krutzinna
3. Vivian Woodfin

The election has started and you may vote here:

Candidates to the University Board 2019

Postdoctoral fellow: Eirik Hovden, Department of Foreign Languages
Proposed by: Sofie Marhaug, Peter Hatlebakk, Ragnhild Gjefsen, Knut Knapskog.

Postdoctoral fellow: Jenny Krutzinna, Department of Administration and Organization Theory
Proposed by: Kathre Luhamaa, Audun G. Løvlie og Amy McEwan-Strand.

PhD Candidate: Frida Kathrine Sofie Mathisen, Department of Health Promotion and Development
Proposed by: Elisabeth Årdal, Morten Nordmo, Kari Hagatun, Elise Aasebø.

PhD Candidate: Vivian Woodfin, Department of Clinical Psychology
Proposed by: Turi Reiten Finserås.

Announcement – Election to The University Board spring 2019

According to the Universities and Colleges Act 2005 temporary academic staff, group B, each year elect one member and at least two substitute members to the University Board. The candidates will be elected for the term 2019.08.01 – 2020.07.31.

Deadline for proposals: March 14, 2019 at 12:00 p.m.

Election period: April 25 until May 2, 2019. Voting will begin on April 25 at 09:00AM and continue till May 2 at 12:00PM.

How to put forth proposals to members of the University board:

  • It must be in writing.
  • The proposal must be signed by at least the same number of proposers as the number of candidates the proposal contains.
  • The proposer(s) must be entitled to vote in the election. No one can sign more than one proposal.
  • All proposed candidates must be eligible.
  • If any candidate is entitled to exemption from election, a written consent from the candidate must be attached to the proposal.
  • The proposal must have been submitted no later than 12:00PM on March 14, 2019

Send your proposals to:  University of Bergen, The Central Election Committee, P.O. Box 7800, 5020 BERGEN. The proposal may also be scanned and sent by e-mail to valgstyret@uib.no  or delivered at Muséplassen 2.

Remember to check whether you are registered to vote.


Who can vote?

You can vote if you fulfill the following requirements:

Temporary academic staff employed in a minimum 50 % position for the coming 12 months or staff that have been consecutively employed for at least 12 months.

Please check if you are eligible to vote.

If you cannot find your name in the electoral register, please let ut know.  Send an e-mail to: valgstyret@uib.no to the "The Secretariat of The University Leadership" as soon as possible.


The Central Election Committee

Members of the committe 1.8.2018-31.7.2019:

MembersSubstitute members
Leder Eirik HolmøyvikJørgen Bakke
Nestlelder Gunnar Grendstad 
Magdalena Keindl 
Arnhild Thorseth
Grete Line Simonsen
1. Andrea Grimnes
2. Henning Simonsen
Eira Vilde Martinsen Garrido
Martin Corneliussen