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How to get access

UiB has lost access to articles from Elsevier. Here is what you can do if you need articles we no longer have access to.


Elsevier has cut UiB’s access to the journals in the consortium agreement. This means that students and employees at the university no longer can access the approx. 2300 journals in the Elsevier's Freedom Collection

This is what you can do if you need articles in journals that we can no longer access:

Download plug-ins to the web browser to find open-access articles

Tools like Unpaywall and Open Access Buttonmakes it easy to find open access versions of articles in the web browser. Read more about these services

UiB can access archives

UiB still has access to the archives of numerous journals up until 2018. We made a searchable table with an overview of the journals UiB has archive access to

In these journals you can search like before, for example in Google and Oria, and download articles from ScienceDirect.

Order the article

If you search Oriafor an article UiB has lost access to, you will be given an opportunity to order the article. You will receive the article as a pdf in your email, no more than 8 hours, but normally 2 hours, after the purchase. UiB will cover your expenses.

Contact the author, ask international colleagues

It is not unusual to contact an author and request him or her to send their article. It is also common for researchers to share copies of an article in social networks.  

Contact the University of Bergen Library

The local University Libraryis ready to help. Feel free to contact them with any inquiries.