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What to do with all of these PhDs

A lunch panel debate organized by UiBdoc and the Young Academy of Norway.

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Each year, there are more and more PhDs, but the number of senior positions in academia remains roughly constant. Many will have to leave academia.

  • Who will employ all of these PhDs?
  • What skills do PhDs need?
  • Should the PhD education change?

Join us for a panel debate on this topic. The debate is targeted towards young researchers and features:

  • Margareth Hagen (Professor, Prorektor, UiB)
  • Iver Neptali Belle-Ramos (Advisor, Bergen Chamber of Commerce)
  • Kenneth Hugdahl (Professor, Department of Biological and Medical Psychology, UiB)
  • Laura Saetveit Miles (Associate Professor, Department of Foreign Languages, UiB / AYF member)

The event will take place 2. April 2019: 12:00 - 13:15 at Store Auditorium, Høyteknologisenteret.
The debate will be held in English, and lunch will be provided for the first 50 participants!

The debate is organized by young scientists for young scientists, hosted by UiBdoc and the Young Academy of Norway.

UiBdoc is a non-profit organization run by volunteers working for the interests of PhDs and other temporary scientific staff at UiB. One of our aims is to facilitate networking among scientific staff across UiB, as well as organize social and professional events for this group. Other ambitions include assisting our members with career development, influencing university policy in favor of our members and connecting any of our members that experience issues with the supporting structure of UiB. More information about the panel debate, UiBdoc, and other upcoming events can be found on the webpage (uibdoc.no), or on the Facebook page (facebook.com/UiBdoc). Also, join the “PhD students and Post-Docs at UiB” group on Facebook to connect with others and build your network.

Composed of young scientists, the Young Academy of Norway is an interdisciplinary organization for researchers that dedicates itself to being a clear voice on research policy and dissemination. More information available at http://akademietforyngreforskere.no/en/.