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Candidate to the University Board 2019

Presentation of Jenny Krutzinna

I am a postdoctoral researcher at the Department of Administration and Organizational Science, and work on a project on child protection and welfare ("Acceptability of child protection interventions").  My PhD is from the Center for Social Ethics and Policy, University of Manchester, and afterwards I held a postdoctoral position at Oxford Internet Institute, University of Oxford.

I want to be a representative of the University Board for temporary academic staff, because I want to participate in developing UiB as a leading university and a good workplace. My ambition is to represent the diversity in our group and be a clear voice for all group B employees.

We as temporary employees are undoubtedly a great asset for the university. Nevertheless, the challenges we face are seldom on the agenda. One of the challenges I wish to tackle is the professional and personal development for young researchers and PhD students. All temporary employees should be given the opportunity to prepare for a future at UiB or at workplaces outside academia. There is a need to strengthen the training provision for our group within teaching and research competence, but also in transferable skills such as management, communication and collaboration.

The University Board adopts budget, and education and research strategies, and thereby sets out important guidelines for our professional life. My goal as a board member will be to help raise issues that are important to us, and represent our interests in the work of the board.

For me, transparency about what is happening at university level is a high priority. It requires clear communication, an area that today seems to have great potential for improvement. If I am elected to represent group B, I will obtain feedback from the faculty representatives about relevant issues and, not least, I will establish a communication channel for all members of the group where input can be given on the issues to be discussed at the board. Furthermore, I want to make sure that the decisions made and discussions held at board meetings are communicated effectively to our group, especially highlighting issues that are particularly relevant to us. For example, when rules change, it should be clarified what this means to us, and when new opportunities arise, they should be clearly communicated to us all.

The academic environment at UiB and internationally has changed significantly in recent years. This has led to many positive changes, for example, that UiB is now focusing on getting more of us into permanent positions. However, the changes have also led to new challenges, such as increased international competition in recruitment and financing, increased confidence in performance indicators, uncertainty about externally financed positions, and the need for interdisciplinary research and teaching in an organizational structure that is largely discipline-based.

In order for us to be prepared for the future, I will work for:

  • Opportunities for competence development and career planning at all faculties
  • Networking across departments and faculties to reflect increasing interdisciplinarity in academia
  • Representation of all group members, which entails recognition and respect for individual differences in our needs and plans

I believe that together we can make a positive difference, and I hope to have the opportunity to represent our group in the university board.