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Candidate to the University Board 2019

Presentation of Frida Kathrine Sofie Mathisen

I am running as a candidate for the University Board for group B employees, and my background makes me familiar with the situation of temporary employees in teaching and research positions. Since I started working at UoB in 2013, I have gone from one temporary position to the other. I have been employed as a research assistant, researcher and project coordinator, before I started as a PhD candidate in 2016 at the Department of Health Promotion and Development. I also became a mother for the first time in 2018.

As a PhD candidate, I have been given the opportunity to get involved in the university democracy through various positions at the department and faculty level. Among other things, I sat in the faculty’s local user group for the Alrek health cluster, and in particular, I focused on the temporary employees' rights to a good and adapted workplace. I have also been a group B representative in FFU and in the PhD committee at the Faculty of Psychology (psychSTIP).

Excellent research requires excellent recruitment. In order to ensure that the university delivers excellent research, it must facilitate high quality in the doctoral education. Departments and faculties must be granted the resources required to deliver quality in the doctoral training, PhD candidates must be given the opportunity to build competence that is transferable to sectors outside academia, and PhD candidates’ and post doctor’s interests must be considered in the implementation of Plan S. Requirements for open access publication will particularly influence group B employees and their ability and prerequisites to publish in relevant journals. For us, the requirement for open publication will have greater consequences than for professors with long publication lists filled with articles published in prestigious journals. There is also an ongoing need to identify the degree to which the PhD candidates are attended to though the doctoral program. Today, there is no anonymous mapping of how the candidates are taken care of, as this is only done in the context of the progress reports. Better data will assist the work related to UoB's action plan for doctoral education and ensure that more candidates succeed in completing the doctoral degree in the prescribed time.

Because we are temporarily employed and do not have the same employment protection as permanent employees, and are at the start of hopefully rewarding and long careers, it is important that we are well represented in the University Board. If I am elected, I will do my best to contribute, engage and involve across the faculties, and work to ensure that Group B employees are well looked after in the University's strategies and financial plans. Specifically, I will therefore involve everyone who represents group B in the various faculty boards to ensure good information flow and input into relevant issues.

Furthermore, I want to contribute to that the university's work and strategies focus on climate challanges and sustainability. The university should focus on how to promote sustainability and how UoB can contribute to the achievement of climate goals through both education and research.

I wish you all a good election, and use your vote!