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Serviceteam for Absence and Parental Leave

We guide and support leaders, HR-consultants and employees on sick leave, attendance allowance (for children and close family), training allowance and care-benefit allowance (sick child/child carer).

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The team is a centralized serviceteam on matters regarding sick leave, attendance allowance (child or close family), training allowance (chronically ill or disabled child) and care-benefit allowance (sick child/childminder) and parental leave. Our responsibility in these matters is processing the refund from NAV (The Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration).

What we can help you with

The team processes all parental leaves at UiB. Please check our webpages for parental leave and send us a message when you are in the process of planning it.

Leaders may also contact the Serviceteam on behalf of the unit when an employee is planning a parental leave.

  • We offer the employee and the leader a meeting where we provide guidance according to the rules and regulations before the parental leave is agreed upon.

  • We assist the employee with filling out the application to UiB and to Nav, and follow the case until the leave is finished.

  • We have a coordinating role with the employee, UiB and Nav in the parental leave process.

The Serviceteam will also register all sick leave notes (sick leave, attendance allowance, training allowance and care-benefit allowance/sick child) at the university and take care of the refund process from Nav connected to the absence.