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Information to UiB-employees regarding strike

Employees who are not on strike are to meet at work like normal during a potential strike. Here are some advice and regulations regarding what to do when you colleagues are on strike.

Blde av nygårdsgaten
Simon Brandseth/UiB

Norwegian public sector may be heading towards a strike. The trade unions LO Stat, Akademikerne, Unio and YS Stat and employers' organizations are currently negotiating. If they do not reach an agreement, over 500 UiB employees, mostly administative staff, will be on strike.

If the parties should make a settlement, the warned strike will be called off. The deadline for the negotiations was set to may 24th, but the parties has chosen to continue the talks. All employees are to meet at work as normal until further notice. 

- Work as usual

Employees who are not a part of the trade unions withrawal, are to do their work as usual.

- The main rule is that employees ought to perform their usual work tasks, says university director Kjell Bernstrøm.

It may take some time before a settlement is made. In the strike period, you are to perform your duties as usual.

Ministry of Local Government and Modernisation have issued some guidelines regarding employees during a strike (only in Norwegian). 

Reorganisation may be necessary

The UiB-employees who are not part of the strike withrawal, may have to organise their work a bit different than before. This is in line with the Norwegian guidelines, and is not considered strikebreaking.

As an employee, you are not allowed to do the work of a striking senior colleague. During a strike, employer will be restrictive when delegating the remaining work tasks to those who are not on strike, as this may be considered strikebreaking.

- Employees will not be asked to work overtime more than during normal circumstances, Bernstrøm says.

An accordance with the governmental guidelines, an employee in a leading position may perform the work tasks of the subordinate colleagues during a strike.

The trade unions and the employer organisations do to some extent disagree on the definition of strikebreaking. Therefore, Ministry of Local Government and Modernisation advise senior employers to do the tasks of subordinate employers only when strictly necessary.

Reorganisation and alternative work tasks

If the concequences of the strike makes you unable to perform your normal work task, you may be asked to take on other task.

During a strike, controller tasks and responsibility may be handed over to a senior colleague.

Follow UiB.no/streik for updated info.