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Parental leave

Please contact the Serviceteam for Absence and Parental Leave when you are planning your parental leave.

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To start planning your parental leave, please send us a message in UiBhjelp. We ask that you do not write any sensitive information in the message.  We will offer a meeting where we will go through the rights and regulations, and discuss your entitlement to parental leave with pay

  • For mothers, please send us a message by week 24 of your pregnancy.
  • For fathers/co-parents, please send us a message 12 weeks before you want to start or postpone your leave.
  • Are you adopting a child, please send us a message 12 weeks before you undertake the care of the child.

Both leader and employee can contact us when an employee is planning a parental leave.

Parental leave and staying abroad

You may stay in another country during your parental leave. If you are planning on staying abroad for more than four weeks while on paid parental leave, this must be agreed in advance with NAV. To be granted parental benefit from NAV, you must apply for a social security confirmation for your stay abroad.

If you are considering combining work with parental leave abroad, you must have an agreement with your leader/manager for working outside of Norway.

If you have further questions regarding membership in the Norwegian social security, or working from abroad, combined with parental leave, contact the International Centre at euraxess@uib.no.



    Send a message to the Serviceteam here