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Information about salary settlement at UiB in 2020

The local salary settlement at the UiB is now completed.

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This year there has not been individual negotiations. The parties have agreed on the following:

Salary settlement for members of the Akademikerne:

Akademikernes pot is fully negotiated locally at the UiB, and the result will be implemented from 1. October 2020.

The parties have agreed on the following:

  • Employees will be given a general percentage increase of 0,4847%.
  • The settlement does not include employees who have an expired employment relationship in 2020, with exception of those who are retiring from work.

Salary settlement for members of LO, Unio and YS and unorganized:

LO, Unio and YS have negotiated their pot centrally, and the result of these negotiations is:

From 1. October, everyone gets a supplement to the main payroll table as follows:

  • 0.44 percent from ltr.19 to ltr. 46
  • 0.54 percent from ltr. 47 to ltr. 63
  • 0.44 percent from ltr. 64 to ltr. 101