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Deadlines for sending Christmas mail 2019

Are you going to send packages or post to other countries, it's important to look at deadlines . For Christmas mail in Norway recommended latest 12 December.

Flåklypa postbud

To help you make sure that your Christmas letters and packages are received before Christmas , we recommend sending by the dates specified for each country.

Here are the deadlines for sending letters :A- priority
Sverige,Danmark, Finland and Island - 15. desember
Rest of Europe - 13. desemberUSA and Canada - 11. desember
Other countries in the world - 4. desember  

Regular delivery time:
A-mail:  Earliest 2-6 days i  Europe.
Rest of the world 4-8 days .

Here are the deadlines for Christmas packages.

Package abroad - (CarryOn ) Finland, Island, Sverige and Danmark - 13. desember.
Europe and other countries in the world.

Have a wonderful Christmas.
Knut-Egil Larsen , Formann TPS .