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Procurement and purchases

Purchases and deliveries

Advice to UiB staff - missing or delayed deliveries of goods and services in the corona period.

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Securing essential goods and services

It is important that all units think through which goods and services are critical for the unit and for the university in the coming period, and that you ensure that these are available.

Delivery problems

How to handle shortcomings or delays: 

Deficiencies an delays - force majeure

If the supplier justifies shortcomings or delays with corona-related causes, the situation must be considered in relation to the  agreement. Any defects and delays must be documented by the supplier in relation to the claim of force majeure.  

  • Contact The Procurement Section via hjelp.uib.no if you need assistance or have questions.

Delivery failure

If a supplier under a framework agreement cannot deliver what you ordered, goods and services can be purchased from other suppliers. The units themselves must cover any additional costs associated with such replacement purchases. The right to purchase compensation expires when the force-majeure situation of the original supplier is over and the supplier can again deliver.

  •  If a single replacement purchase exceeds NOK 100,000, - excluding VAT, you must contact the Section for Procurement via hjelp.uib.no for assistance.

Commitments to suppliers

If UiB is prevented from meeting any obligations to a supplier due to the corona virus, it is important to give written notice to the supplier as soon as the obstacle arises. The relation to the corona situation must be documented.