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The DFØ App

The DFØ app is the mobile version of the self-service portal and is very easy to use.

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Download the DFØ app for smartphones in AppStore or Google Play
How to use the DFØ app

Start using the DFØ app  

  • First time: log in with secure login through an ID portal: MinID, BankID or BankID on mobile or Buypass ID on mobile.
  • The app is avaliable in english, change language under settings, user guide can be found here

What can you do in the app?  

What can you not do in the DFØ app?  

Employees cannot register sick leave in the app or online themselves. You must send it to your manager.  In addition, there are some things you can only do in the self-service portal:   

  • find the annual statement  
  • transfer vacation days  
  • apply for leave of absence    
  • Transfer/disbursement of travel hours/overtime   
  • submit letter of resignation  
  • Record side-line jobs  
  • set up a deputy  
  • process tasks as a passive deputy